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Health Assessment

Full access to a Health Assessment to create a personalized wellness plan.

Get Motivated. Manage Stress. Become a Healthier You

Members have access to a 6-week health fitness program that
is designed to help you build healthy new habits and create a
sustainable lifestyle. Health Assessment work to help members
become healthier.

What Our Health Assessment Provide

Our Qualified Health Assessment are here to help you get on the road to a more successful and healthier you. Whether your goal is weight loss, overall physical improvement, or creating sustainable healthier lifestyle habits, we are here to help. With a Health Assessment members will have access to qualified health coaches right over the phone. Our Health Assessment are available to assist you in achieving your health and wellness goals.

  • 6 Coaching Sessions
  • 6 Week Workout Plan
  • Set & Achieve Weight-Loss Goals
  • Life & Relationship Building Tools
  • Professional & Personal Development Resources
  • Yoga & Meditation Resources
  • Stress Management Tools
  • Tools to Manage Sleep & Fatigue
  • Motivation & Encouragement

MyHealth Assessment

A Targeted Approach to Healthcare

Having more knowledge about your health gives you the power to make better decisions and be a healthier you. After taking the assessment and understanding the results, you'll be able to identify key health risks, poor eating habits and nutritional deficiencies.

How does the assessment work?

Fill out the online health questionnaire and in just minutes you'll receive a clear, easy to follow, personalized, confidential health profile tailored to your needs.

Your personal MyHealth Assessment results are clinically driven and peer reviewed with recommendations for improving your health that you can share with your doctor.

Why Take the MyHealth Assessment?

Get your MyHealthPass personal health assessment today! Your membership includes unlimited access to 4 specific assessments including:

  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Cardiac Risk Assessment
  • Diabetes Risk Assessment
  • Fitness Assessments

We Even Have Your BACK Covered!

First and Only Clinically Proven Digital Health Solution to Treat Back Health

33 million people experience some level of low back pain every day. The result: $37 billion per year in spending to manage that pain. That is an average of $8,000 per occurrence. Lower back pain is the #2 reason people don't go to work, second only to the common cold!

Certified Back Pain Specialists

Our Certified Health Assessment provide expert guidance and progress monitoring. Developed from over 22 years of clinical experience treating over 10,000 patients suffering from lower back pain.

MyHealthyBack is a simple, easy to do, and highly effective 8-week online program for people suffering from low back pain.

Healthy Back Features Include:

  • Proven 8 week program for low back pain
  • Feel better in just 10 minutes per session
  • No more deductibles or costly procedures
  • No more time consuming appointments or office visits
  • Recover up to 50% faster than seeing a doctor or physical therapist

We Provide Lab Work

Do-It-Yourself Convenient In-Home Lab Testing

By ordering our do-it-yourself collection kits, you can eliminate making a trip to the lab collection center and time spent in the waiting room. Collection kits come with easy to follow directions and pre-paid postage so that you can mail your specimens directly to our partnering lab company.

Results can be mailed back to you or sent to your personal email. Health screening can now be completed in the comfort and privacy of your own home. The tests are safe and reliable. To learn more, contact a MyHealthPass Associate today!

A Targeted Approach to Healthcare

Members can get two free lab tests valued at almost $500 each. Members also receive up to 35% savings on blood tests and all other lab testing. Our network* will help you find the location of the nearest major clinical laboratory draw station. Confidential results are available in as little as 24-48 hours.

* lab benefits not available in NY, NJ, RI, MD or MA.

Get affordable lab testing done at a fraction of the price off retail rates. Save up to $1,000 per year!