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MyHealthPass Benefits

MyHealthPass is a community of professional advocates working to provide individuals and families with high quality healthcare without the high-end costs.

All members receive the following benefits and services:



24/7/365 Access

Telemedicine provides immediate access to real doctors from any smart phone or device.



We Work For You

Our professional advocates will work on your behalf with health care providers.

Wellness Coaching

Health Assessment

We Care About Your Health

All members will have access to a individualized assessment and Health Assessment to create a personalized health care plan.

Health Assessment
Full Benefits

We are continually providing new and improved benefits for all of our community members.

MyHealthMD Teledoc

Get access to Board-Certified doctors & pediatricians 24/7/365 via phone or online. Our national network of physicians can resolve many medical issues, diagnose, treat, and prescribe medication when appropriate.

MyHealth Assessment

Provides personalized results that are clinically driven, helps you identify key health risks, poor eating habits, and nutritional deficiencies. The assessment draws upon scientific data from over 6,500 clinical studies and journals.

MyHealth Labs

Members can get 2 free lab tests (nearly $500 value each), receive a Blood Spot Collection Kit which includes testing materials for Advanced Cholesterol, Complete Lipid Panel, and A1c Test. Results delivered to your home.

MyHealth Vitamins

At MyHealthPass we believe in keeping our members healthy and want to save them money so we are offering a continuous 30-day supply of multivitamins each month at no additional charge, exclusively for our members.

MyHealth Diabetes

No prescription is required for OTC testing supplies and all products are shipped to your home. You get a Free Meter with your first order and with our Quarterly Re-shipment program you'll never run out of test strips.

MyHealth Back

First and Only Clinically Proven Digital Health Solution to Treat Back Health. An easy to do 8-week online physical therapy program to heal low back pain that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

MyHealth RxAssist

Our professional healthcare advocates will help you find the lowest price on prescription drugs, saving as much as 95% off retail. Plus we can send text alerts reminding you to take your meds.

MyHealthPass Rewards

Get entitled to premium shopping discounts and savings just for being a MyHealthPass member. Take advantage of exclusive discounts, coupons, promo codes, restaurant search tools, and more!

The MyHealthPass Difference

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Average Annual Health Care Costs Per Family of 4:


Six physician office visits per year


Two comprehensive lab tests per year


Average annual health care scans: MRI/CT Scans


Average annual RX drug costs


Average annual medical bills

total per year

Become a MyHealthPass Health Ambassador

When healthcare and wealth come together, it provides an opportunity to live healthy and enjoy the financial opportunities it brings up. Sign up below to receive information on becoming a Health Ambassador.