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Health insurance premiums are rising again.

It's Time For a Change!

It's estimated nearly 28 million Americans are without health insurance. Even more people with insurance have high deductibles and end up paying hundreds or thousands out of pocket each year. MyHealthPass has created a member community "providing a better, cost-effective option for health care."


What is MyHealthPass?

MyHealthPass is a community of professional advocates working to provide individuals and families with high quality health care without the high-end costs. MyHealthPass Community members receive the following benefits and services:


Telemedicine 24/7/365 Access

Don't wait to talk to a doctor! Telemedicine provides immediate access to real doctors from any smart phone or device.

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Professional Advocacy

Professional Advocacy We Work For You

Being a part of the MyHealthPass community our professional advocates will work on your behalf with health care providers.

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Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching We Care About You

Members of the MyHealthPass community will have access to an individualized assessment and coach to create a personalized wellness plan.

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The MyHealthPass Difference

Average Annual Health Care Costs For Family of 4

Physician Visits - $750 6 office visits per year, per family

Comprehensive Lab Tests - $800 2 lab tests per year, per family

Health Care Pricing Tool - $800 I.E.: MRI/CT Scans

Prescription Drugs - $600 Average saving of $50 per month

Medical Bill Saver - $2,900 Save money on medical bills

Total Cost - $5,850

You save $5,550 per year with MyHealthPass!

MyHealthPassFor Individuals

$ 24.95 mo.
1 Individual

MyHealthPassFor Families

$ 44.95 mo.
up to 7 family members

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